• Professionalism: We always respond the way the customers expect us to respond but in accordance with our Code of Ethics.
  • Efficiency: We endeavor to offer cost effective services without compromising on quality.
  • Team Spirit: We work as a team in serving customers; a customer deserves a response from any one of us on any query.
  • Accountability: We are answerable for our actions and/or omissions to members and stakeholders with a view of building public confidence.
  • Transparency:  We will always be  open  to  members  and stakeholders about  our practices, policies and decisions.


We will always find simple, effective and efficient ways of serving our customers.

The Core Principles include:

Holistic Approach whereby a holistic and integrated approach that responds to the needs, success through partnerships, decentralized delivery through partnerships, value for money through efficient and effective procurement services, participatory development through a participative approach with stakeholders and clients when developing solutions and a team player.