To be the leading and customer centric company in processing and packaging agriculture produce


Providing professional and scientific processing for all agriculture produces from our farm and out-growers while ensuring national and international standards in total quality management and value chain using the modern technology.

TUZO FARM & PACKAGING is the subsidiary company of TUZO GROUP OF COMPANIES which was registered in 2020 having main goal of providing financial and no-financial services for entrepreneurs. This company is under shareholding form of ownership Tanzanian shareholders. Our subsidiary company is working under the supervision and guidance of Ministry of Agriculture regulations and policies without jeopardizing the rules and regulations under Company’s Act.

TUZO FARM launched purposely to add value in agricultural products through processing and post-harvest management which is accompanied by conducting institutional marketing that makes us to be always producing what the market need. We are committed in cash crops, food crops and horticultural crops in our farms which are located at Bagamoyo, Dodoma, Njombe, Mbeya, Singida, Mtwara, Songea and Morogoro. But also, our company is working hard to create value in livestock keeping by adopting business strategy in running farming practices. Our company brands itself in using Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) and Total Quality Management (TQM) in Livestock keeping with fully adoption of Institutional Marketing practices.

Our decisions are driven by our values to team work, efficiency, accountability, transparency and encourage innovative minds.